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Jackie Hernandez - 2012 Honoree

Jackie struggled with her weight most of her adult life. Then marriage, two kids and a busy schedule left her little time for herself. Ready to make a change, Jackie promised herself to workout five days a week. She dropped more than 90 pounds and proved anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Center for Health & Fitness member Jackie Hernandez struggled with her weight most of her adult life. Then marriage, two kids, and a busy schedule left her for little time for herself. Jackie tried everything from fad diets to other fitness centers, but she couldn’t keep the weight off.  At one point she had lost 50 pounds, only to gain it right back.

Then in January 2012, Jackie joined the Center for Health & Fitness—carrying 268 pounds on her 5’6” frame.

“I decided the time is now,” said Jackie. “I was unhappy with my weight, and I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids and play with them. I knew I had to make a change.”

Jackie first made a promise to herself to workout five days a week. As she gained endurance and strength, Jackie added more and more to her routine. Her typical workout consists of cardio, weight lifting and a mix of group exercise classes. Jackie adds variety to her cardio routine by using the elliptical, stair master and row machine.

Jackie also replaced fast food and high sodium foods with healthy, fresh foods.

“I learned how to read nutrition labels and completely changed my diet by staying away from salty foods and candy,” said Jackie. “I mainly eat fruits and vegetables, low sodium turkey, chicken and fish. From that point on the pounds started coming off. And since I’m eating healthier, my family is too.”

Jackie dropped 85 pounds and replaced her size 24 wardrobe with size 10 outfits in only eight months.

According to Jackie, “People I haven’t seen in years don’t even recognize me, and that gives me motivation to keep going.”

Besides the flattering compliments, Jackie says the best thing about living a healthy and active lifestyle is the newfound energy she has to play with her kids.  Her biggest challenge was learning how to make healthy choices when her kids want fast food. She credits her family and friends for supporting her through her journey.

Jackie’s willpower and determination to live a healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to all of us. You can congratulate Jackie at We want to hear about your success too. Let us know at