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Randy Cederholm - 2012 Honoree

After recovering from a stroke that severely impacted his mobility, Randy made fitness a priority so he could regain his strength to walk again. Chances are you’ve seen him working out at CHF because he’s there at least six times a week. Randy’s strength and determination is something to admire.

Nominated by a fellow Center for Health & Fitness (CHF) member, Randy Cederholm’s determination, strength and dedication to health and fitness is something to admire.

Twelve years ago, Randy suffered from a stroke that severely impacted his mobility. His doctors told him the best way to recover faster was to get up and move around. Determined to improve his mobility, Randy tried other fitness centers and participated in research programs before his friend recommended CHF.

Over the years, he improved his muscle strength and was able to manage everyday tasks. “When I first came to CHF I couldn’t tie my shoes, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t even get on the machines. Someone had to help me with everything,” said Randy.

For eight years, he had been working out regularly at CHF and feeling stronger than ever. Then in 2008, Randy was faced with another health challenge when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

After a successful surgery and several injection treatments, Randy is now in remission and cancer free. During that time he lost all his muscle strength, lost weight and was weak once again.

In 2009, Randy was able to start working out again. He eventually regained all his mobility, strength and got back to a healthy weight. Now, more than three years later, Randy says, “I’m here and doing better than ever.”

According to Randy, “My family was a huge support, calling me and making sure I was eating during treatments. CHF has really helped me too. All the trainers have been ready to lend a hand and help me try new exercises. Plus everyone is also so friendly, they always say hello.”

Randy’s words of wisdom: “Go to the gym! Don’t just sit there, get out, walk and keep going!”

Chances are you’ve seen Randy working out at the CHF because he’s there at least six times a week. He’s also part of CHF’s 300 Club—an exclusive group of members who’ve worked out at least 300 times in a single year. 

"Randy is such a joy to have at CHF and I always look forward to seeing him," said front desk coordinator Patty Sclimenti. "He's always so positive and really an inspiration. It was also great to see him win one of CHF's challenges Earl Eastcott coordinates."