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Niki Townsend - 2011 Spirit of Wellness Honoree

After having a baby and experiencing some weight gain, Niki decided to set a good example for her daughter and make her own health a priority. She set a goal to lose the weight and found a strong support system that helped her succeed.

As Niki Townsend’s daughter turned four years old, she realized she needed to start leading a healthier lifestyle after overlooking her own health and fitness.

Looking for a comfortable atmosphere, Niki joined the Center for Health & Fitness January 2011 with a group of moms determined to live a healthier and more active life.  Together, they helped each other stay on track and motivated.  

Working out roughly 4-times a week, she committed to taking group exercise classes, cardiovascular sessions on the elliptical machine, eating better and drinking more water. Over time she started to see her body transform, but Niki also noticed exercise made her feel better. With more energy, Niki felt happier and more balanced.

Through hard work Niki achieved her fitness goals, and lost more than 20 pounds. Today, she continues to work out, eat healthy and has more energy than ever before.