CHF Member: Ansho Uchima
Regained strength to walk unassisted after hip replacement surgery

After hip replacement surgery in 2007, Ansho was restricted to using a walking frame and suffered from significant spinal curvature. But in 2010, he began personal training sessions with Julie Huynh to create a regular exercise program and rehabilitate his hip.

Today at age 88, Ansho walks unassisted with great posture, and has significantly improved his hip mobility through regular walking.

Julie designed a four-day training plan for Ansho, emphasizing the importance of regular, consistent exercise. Her holistic program focused on strength, endurance, balance, while incorporating innovated exercises such as wall squats and medicine ball tosses on an airex balance pad.

“Ansho is a real pleasure to work with,” said Julie Huynh. “He’s shown dedication to improving his quality of life and becoming healthier. He exemplifies what can be accomplished here at BCHD and with a consistent program.”

“I see a lot of people who walk hunched over, and Julie makes sure I’m not one of them,” said Ansho. “It used to be a struggle just to go up the stairs at my house, but now I’m walking faster and more confident than ever.”

Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Stick with a program that is recommended by your doctor, physical therapist or trainer
  • Use a support system – friends, spouses, trainers, group classes
  • Set small, attainable goals that work towards a larger goal