Fitness Challenge

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Can’t make It into CHF in-person? No problem! You can join in the fun from home.


Step It Up Fitness Challenge:
August 1 - August 31

Step (or just move) your way to improved fitness this month! How many steps do you think you can accomplish during your day? In the month of August, your goal will be to walk 10,000 steps every day for the duration of the month. There are many ways to get your steps, whether you prefer to do it virtually, coming into CHF, or enjoying the outdoors.

Convert your exercise minutes into steps! Use our conversion chart to convert your elliptical training, cycling, yoga, Pilates, and other low impact exercise activities into steps.


July Stars and Stripes Fitness Challenge
July 1 - July 31

Are you ready for a 5-star challenge? Try our Stars & Stripes workouts to keep the patriotism going all month long!

If you’re interested in giving it a shot, we’ve got you covered. The calendar below will help you to keep track of your workout schedule, as well as the mini goals to target each week. In week one, you’ll aim for good form on each move. Increase your rep count in week two, and shake things up by adding some cardio in week three. In week four, pump up the amount of weight you were already using and finish strong!
Remember to always perform exercises at your fitness level. If you need assistance from one of our Personal Trainers, please feel free to reach out at (310)374-3426, option 3 to speak with one directly or make an appointment. Stay Healthy and Safe!


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